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Kindness is free a little about me 

I obtained my Master's Degree in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner Why you ask? Following a twenty (plus) year career as a Registered Nurse from Pediatrics to Geriatrics, from homes to hospitals, I felt it was time for a new chapter in my story. I'm living my personal dream of bringing to Lewiston, New York a center for IV hydration and intramuscular injections. This practice of functional medicine is a personilized and integrative approach to healthcare! This approach includes understanding the prevention, management, and root cause of symptoms. These symptoms often leave us feeling in a state of blah, not recovering from viruses, and simply feeling that we need to push through every day not feeling one hundred percent. Our office will stand connected with Pacana Chiropractic and massage therapy.


Let us help you find your perfect balance. Now is the time time to take care of YOU!!



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